I’m Stuart

And I develop for the internet

I’m a Computer Scientist by degree, but I’d call myself a ‘full stack web developer’ if you asked. As a Computer Scientist, I’ve got a solid knowledge of programming best-practices, whether that’s for front or back-end code. I’ve also got an open mind to new techniques (which is a must have, as development trends change quicker than the Scottish mountain weather.)

At the moment, you’ll find me working on projects with EQ Design. If you were sitting beside me, you’d see me working with Craft, one of the most flexible content management systems out there.

Although my focus is on the background code, the front and back-ends are being developed more and more closely and that’s why I think it’s important to really understand front-end architecture. I take pride in writing clean and semantic HTML, as well as efficient CSS, sometimes compiled with Sass or Stylus. Website performance is up there on the importance scale too. I use Gulp to optimise images and code, while ensuring latencies and load times and as small as possible.

While Javascript, as a web scripting language, has been used extensively (and sometimes inefficiently) over the previous decade, I bet its use is going to explode over this year. I’ve been developing node.js projects — some personal and some super secret — and it's pretty powerful'. I’ve got some serious respect for LearnBoost too.

And that’s it. If you’d like to chat a bit more, you can find me on Twitter.